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Bstean 100ml Large Plastic-Steel Syringe Pump with 150cm/59inch Tubing and Matching Cap for Oil Liquid Injection


  • 100ml (3.38 oz) plastic-steel syringe, very durable and reusable, high temperature resistance (work temperature 100 ℃ maximum), the plunger is easy to pull and push.
  • 150cm (4.5 feet) length pro-environment PVC hose with silicon cap to avoid liquid spill
  • Embedded measurement markings outside of the cylinder, no worry will fade or wear off
  • The backend cylinder lid make sure the plunger will not come out suddenly, and it supports dosage control, injection more precise
  • Perfect oil injector, gasoline, transmission fluid or many other uses, but not suitable for corrosive fluids, such as sulphuric acid


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Bstean 100ml Large Plastic-Steel Reusable Syringe with 150cm/59inch Tubing and Matching CapThis a sweet tool for motorcycles atv’s smaller rec vehicles. It works great as a reverse bleeding tool for brakes and master cylinders. also can be used to suck the oil out of the supercharger, refrigeration oil into an A/C system, etc.Features & Benefits 100ml syringe x 1 150cm tubing x 1 Backup sealing rubber o-ring x 2 Tubing silicon cap x 1Note:Please check the tubing stay attached well before using, or you can cut a bit of tubing and reconnect to the syringe, it will make the connection tight.When you work with brake oil or other machine oil, please let the oil cool down first and make sure not exceed 100 celsius degree before using.

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