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Bstean Magnetic Bottle Cap Catcher

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  • Diameter 1.5 inch, thick 0.24 inch, small profile save mounting space compare with regular catcher
  • Powerful mini magnet can catch 15-20 caps, lightweight design meet family daily use
  • Metal shell design enhance the front magnetic, can catch more caps and also protect the magnet
  • Attach about 4-5 inch below the opener, make sure the surface is clean and smooth
  • 3M sticker make it easy to mount, no screw needed, can order together with our wall mounted bottle opener


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This mini magnetic cap catcher is special designed for wall mount bottle opener, no worry the cap drop to floor, powerful magnetic like an invisible hand to catch the caps. In theory, the more bigger and thicker of the magnet, the more caps can be caught, but the costs will raise obviously also, and huge magnet may not very good looking, Hems try to get the balance between the performance, beauty, and the costs. We believe you will take to opening bottle, it’s really make it fun for you and your kids! You can play a game with your family or friends, to guess whose cap will not be caught or dropped first lose the game, then the loser have to drink one bottle of beer or just clean all the caps! ^_^

Useful tips
• Plz note the 3M sticker not reusable, so make sure you mount to the right position one-time
• You may need some small practices to feel how the magnet catcher works
• You can rearrange the caps to make them more lower and tighter to get more space to catch more caps when you find it can not catch cap
• Keep the magnet far away from your bank cards, watches, cell phones or other electric equipment if you not to install right now, and store in a dry environment.

Pack Listing
• Magnetic Cap Catcher x 1

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