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Bstean Glue Applicator Syringe Blunt Needle Cap Industrial Grade Luer Lock Assorted Stainless Steel Tips (Pack of 12)

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  • High quality technical grade syringe with luer lock design, no worry needle will fall off
  • 12pcs different size syringes, 5ml x 8, 10ml x 2, 20ml x 2 for various uses
  • 10pcs 1/2” long tips – 14Gx1,15Gx1,16Gx1,18Gx1,19Gx1,20Gx1,21Gx1,22Gx1,23Gx1,25Gx1
  • 2pcs 1” long tips – 14Gx1, 18Gx1, easy to find out which model fit you best
  • Great DIY tool, for flat back rhinestones, hobby crafts, home or industrial precison applications of CA glues, inks, lubricants, sealants, etc.


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This syringe is great tool for DIY project, works perfect with water based glues or thiner glue like Gem Tac for your rhinestone applications, accourding to the size of your rhinestones to choose different size of needle, and also can use different volume of syringe. E6000 is widely used by us, we recommend choose big size like 14G, 15G, small tip may difficult to push through.

Not only for glues dispense usage, also great for hinges, clocks, sewing machines, fishing reels, firearms, lubricating door locks, bikes and more with oil, graphite or lubricants, etc. As long as you want, it can do many amazing things for you!

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