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3ml Syringes Blunt Tip Needles Storage Caps – Glue Applicator, Oil Dispensing (Pack of 12)


  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE SYRINGES x 12 – 3cc capacity, luer lock connector make the needle will not fall off.
  • 1.5” LUER LOCK NEEDLES x 12 – 14 Gauge x 6, 18 Gauge x 6, flat tip needle large and long enough for most use cases.
  • STORAGE CAPS x 12 – High quality industrial grade luer lock connector, perfect for storage.
  • SILICONE NEEDLE ENDS x 12 – Soft silicon caps can protect you not to be hurt, no need to take off the needle, more convenient to store liquid in the syringe for future using.
  • BLUNT NEEDLE – Not for Injection, industrial use only.


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This syringe pack widely used, great for science lab, experiments, flat back rhinestones, hobby crafts, home or industrial precision applications of CA glues, inks, perfume, lubricants, sealants etc.


The syringes and needles are non-sterile, not for medical use.